February Athlete of the Month

AOM February 2016_Daryl Hester


Congratulations to our member of the month, Darryl Hester!!!


Darryl joined us less than 6 months ago but made an immediate impact and has been making some huge strides along the way. Right out of the gate we could tell he loved being here, and was willing to put in some serious work to make big improvements. He shows up on a daily basis with a huge smile on his face and welcomes everyone he sees in the gym. His strength numbers have increased tremendously over the last 6 months, and his technique is improving daily. With previous shoulder and knee injuries he was unsure how training with us would go, but after smart, consistent training and attention to extra mobility and proper technique, he has stayed healthy and pushed through any previous limitations.
We’d like to thank Darryl for his constant positive attitude, work ethic, his influence and camaraderie with all those around him in class. We look forward to seeing his continued progress in months to come!

Below are a few fun facts about Darryl that you might not know.


What are your favorite movements? 

             Squat cleans

What is your least favorite movement?


How did you get into CrossFit and how long have you been training?

A friend of mine was doing CrossFit for about 6 months, and told me how much he loved it. He suggested that I should give it a try since it may help rehabilitate some old injuries. He mentioned that a lot of members at his box were using CrossFit as a form of rehab. After about a year of uncertainty, I pretty much jumped into it. I have been doing it for about 5 months now, and I have no regrets.

How did you get into CrossFit and how long have you been training?

How intense the WODs are. Some may seem easy and I think I might do really well, then I get completely destroyed.

What do you like most about CrossFit Vae Victis?

The people are awesome and everyone wants to see each other succeed. Barbells and beers once a month has been a great time also!

Favorite cheat food?

          Cheesesteaks and mozzarella sticks

Tell us one interesting fact about you others may not know.

         I have a rod and a couple screws in my left leg

Name one goal or personal record you want to achieve in the next year?

Ability to do a muscle up and then string them together.


Once again, congratulations go out to Darryl for impressing us everyone enough with his tanacity to earn Member of the Month. Check back next month for March’s Member of the Month. We will once again be highlighting one of our great members that is killing it in the box.