Tuesday, July 24th

CrossFit Vae Victis – CrossFit

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Foam Rolling/Mobility

3 Minutes – Foam Roll Calves, Hamstrings, Quads, Glutes, T-Spine and Lats

2 Minutes – Calf and Ankle Stretches and Hip Mobility

2 Minutes – Wall Quad/Hip Flexor Stretches + Glute Activation


500m Row or 400m Run

Coaches Choice Dynamic Warm-up

Skill Work/Activation

50ft KB Farmers Carry (Left)

10 Monster Band Lateral/Front/Reverse Walk

50ft KB Farmers Carry (Right)

10 Monster Band Glute Bridges/Band Squats

Tempo Front Squat (1×4)

Tempo Front Squat (1×2)

Tempo Front Squat (1×4)

Tempo Front Squat (1×2)

Tempo Front Squat (1×4)


Every 2:30 Minutes For 10 Minutes (5 Sets) Complete Tempo Front Squats @ Rep Scheme 4-2-4-2-4 (Work off of last weeks heaviest set of 4 and try to build/stay for each set, drop as needed for last set)

Tempo @ 31X1

Front Racked Reverse Lunge (4×12)


Every 4 Minutes For 12 Minutes (4 Sets) Complete:

12 Alternating Front Racked Reverse Lunges @ 50-60% of 1RM Front Squat

20 Banded Glute Bridges (Heavier band than previous)

10 KB Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips
*Level 2 – Squat Cleans (115/75), Band Assisted Ring Dips

*Level 1 – Squat Cleans (95/65), Bar Dips or Push-ups

*Athlete Notes – 5-10 minute range. Barbell weight should be something you can cycle for 3-5 reps or quick singles with little rest.


Glute/Ham Accessory:

3×12 Glute Bridges @ 21X2/12 Back Extensions/Max Hollow Hold

Gymnastics Accessory (Pull-up or MUP):

3×10 Kipping Swings (Bar or Rings)/3×5 Chair Drill (Bar) or Swing to Hollow (Rings)/3×5 Floor Kip/3×5 Pull-ups Attempts (Bar) or MUP Transitions (Rings)

Additional Conditioning Work

5 Rounds: 30 Seconds Max Calorie Assault Bike (Rest 1 minute after each effort)