Thursday, November 29th

CrossFit Vae Victis – CrossFit

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Foam Rolling/Mobility

3 Minutes – Foam Roll Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes, T-Spine and Lats

3 Minutes – Calf and Ankle Mobility

2 Minutes – OH Mobility/Stability Drills


500m Row or 2-3 Minute Jump Rope/Double Under Practice

Coaches Choice Dynamic Warm-up

Skill Work/Activation

50ft KB Bottoms Up Carry (Left)

10 KB Bottoms Up Presses

50ft KB Bottoms Up Carry (Right)

10 KB Bottoms Up Windmills

Paused Jerk (Dip) (5×2)


Every 2 Minutes For 8 Minutes (5 Sets) Complete 2 Pause Jerks (Push or Split: 3 Second Hold in Dip Position – Start light and work on technique, build by feel)

Shoulder Press (4×5)


Every 3 Minutes For 9 Minutes (4 Sets) Complete:

5 Strict Press (Heavier than last week

10 Barbell Row

100ft Double Overhead Carry (KB’s or DB’s)

7 Minute Abs (Time)

7 Rounds For Time:

10 Burpees

20 Sit-ups

*Athlete Notes – Steady pace throughout the entire workout, push the last round or two. Try and go fast, without stopping on burpees, slow it down and get your breath on the sit-ups.


Shoulder/Lat Accessory:

4×5 Tempo Barbell Row @31X1

4×5 Tempo Strict Ring/Bar Dips @ 31X1

Core Accessory:

5×15-20 GHD Sit-ups

Additional Conditioning Work

5x250m Row (1 minute rest between efforts)